A kitchen needs to be functional above all else, but does that mean the style needs to be an afterthought? No, it does not. One misconception we hear is that your kitchen should be one tone because the appliances will add enough color, or that maybe the backsplash will provide the “pop of color” you’re looking for. If you get the colors just right, sometimes it can work, but chances are it ends up being too much of one color. Two-toned cabinets will not only help balance out the colors but also brighten up your kitchen, making it more enjoyable to use. How would you successfully do that, though? Let us help!

● Accent the Island: The island is always a focal point in the kitchen because it’s right in the middle. Instead of forcing it to blend in with the rest of the kitchen, let it stand out. It can be contrasting the primary color of the room, it could be a complimenting color, or it can be a different tone. Either one can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

● Balancing Out the Space: Mixing and matching the cabinets’ colors can add depth to the kitchen. The ground cabinets can be a darker tone like a navy, dark green, or even black. As your eye travels up, that color should be lighter with a white, gray, or a lighter shade of the bottom cabinets. While you can reverse the color scheme, be careful not to lose the natural balance.

● Whites & Neutrals: White and neutral colors can get a bad reputation because they’re too clinical or don’t have much spice to them. On their own, in some cases, this can be true. Pairing them with the right color will make them pop. Even pairing an off-white with a light gray can brighten up your kitchen.

The color will always play a massive role in designing a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and any other room in your home. Don’t let your kitchen be subjected to a dull paint job. Contact us today!