We’ve all been to that one house that feels closed off and kind of awkward to navigate when you’re visiting. You’re either talking to someone in the kitchen, in the living room, or you’re stuck in the doorway in limbo with both conversations. Maybe your home is currently like that with your family. The kitchen is the main hub of the household, so it’s extremely important that it can handle the day-to-day activities whether it’s just for the family or if you have a couple of people over. Here are a few designs that will make your kitchen more functional for multiple people.

  • Open Floor Plans: If cramped spaces are an issue in your home, the best solution is an open floor plan. Not only is it perfect for entertaining guests, but it’s great for the family too. Working in the kitchen gives you a bird’s eye view of not only the kitchen but the living room, the dining room, and any more. Everyone in that space will be able to have conversations easily and enjoy the company instead of people being sectioned off.
  • Center Island Seating: Kitchen islands are convenient to help the function of the space. It also creates extra seating for the room. Your family or guests can sit comfortably and talk as the meal is cooking. It can be in addition to the dining room, but usually, it doubles as the dining room to make use of as much space as possible.
  • Extensive Storage: Believe it or not, open kitchens make storage a breeze. You have so much more space to work instead of being stuck in one pantry area. You can even have hidden storage areas so it can continue into the “living room” area but it’s not obvious to people just visiting.

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