Are you considering renovating your kitchen or bathroom, building a deck, or constructing an addition to your home? It’s time to call a contractor. The three main things to consider before hiring a contractor for your project are:

    • Will the project take longer than a week?
    • Do you have the experience necessary for the project?
    • Do you have the permits necessary for the project?

If you’re not sure about any of these, it’s time to hire a contractor. Any major renovation is best done by trained experts as the average person doesn’t have the experience, equipment, or means to handle wiring, HVAC, and plumbing effectively without making what potentially costly mistakes both to your bank account and to yourself.

Contractors often come with their established network of suppliers and subcontractors that are stellar experts in their craft along with liability insurance to protect themselves and your home. You’ll be guaranteed quality work while also saving on time and on your costs. With an established supplier network, contractors often get discounts on materials and tools that a regular DIY renovator wouldn’t have available for them. Once you have settled on your project plans, get a budget, and have a bid agreed upon, our quality contractors will do everything in our power to make your renovation dreams come in at or under budget and on time with the necessary paperwork completed so you don’t have to worry about permits.

We recommend contacting us today for a quote and to discuss budget. When hiring contractors you should expect that between ten and twenty percent of the proposed budget to cover materials, permits, and subcontractors. For more information on expenses we’ll be happy to give you an itemized estimate to keep track of all expenses as the project progresses . 

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At Solid Ground Remodeling we’re your one-stop-shop for renovation and all the specialized service you would normally hire a secondary contractor such as HVAC, plumbing, and more. By hiring us as your contractors we offer excellent services that are fully customizable, a single point of contact that’s dependable instead of herding subcontractors and playing telephone, wasting your time; and an insured, time efficient, no-hassle crew.