Did you miss a few items from the to-do list this summer? Has your house been drafty or are certain spaces unusable and inefficient? It’s time for a winter upgrade from the experts at Solid Ground Remodeling!

Additions and Renovations
Are you looking to expand your home or just your field of view? With Solid Ground Remodeling we'll make any addition or newly opened floor plan as efficient as possible!
Save On Cleaning Winter Messes
Save up on cleaning time and products this winter with a brand new mudroom! Keep the mess from snow, sleet, rain, and sludge away from the rest of the house in this multi-purpose addition!
Window Installation and Sealing
Did you know? Well sealed and installed windows and blinds can be responsible for as much as 20% of your heat loss or heat gain during summer and winter. Keep your house well insulated with new windows or resealing services and save big bucks on your energy bill this season!