Our 2021 Wrap-Up!

Wrapping Up 2021 We've continued to change neighorhoods one home at a time! We've continued to offer our electrical, painting, remodeling, flooring, handyman services, and more this year and as…

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Beautiful living room with hardwood floors,fireplace, and built-ins

A Fresh Coat of Paint For a Fresh Start

Nothing cleans up the inside of your home like a fresh coat of paint! Often we as homeowners get complacent and even a little lazy with repainting our properties. However,…


Common Home Painting Mistakes

Sometimes we jump into projects a bit too fast. Especially home improvement projects that are mostly aesthetic and easy to achieve. Like painting and repainting. If you have an area…


Backsplash Trends of 2021

The right backsplash can really tie together your kitchen’s interior design plan. Your decor is already fluid and complete everywhere else in the house, so make sure your kitchen fits…